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Full Version: TAAAAAAAO! :D
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Hi all! Name's Tao!

I'm a relatively new Samurai, traveling from a while away. I enjoy exploring, hunting boars, and counting how many flowers I can cram into my pockets before I collapse from exhaustion.

I invented the Veggie dance in an attempt to make my vegetables grow really quick. It didn't work, but it was fun. Big Grin

I've got a page on the Straw Hat Duels Wiki. Unfortunately, I haven't written much on it, but I'll try to put things up on it soon.

Got a question about me? Ask away!
What's the veggie dance like?
(02-16-2014 03:38 AM)admin Wrote: [ -> ]What's the veggie dance like?

Good question!

I honestly don't know. It's ad libbed, so it normally doesn't come out the same way every time.

Mainly because I forget what I sang before. >.>;

The only 'set' lyrics are "HEEEEY VEGGIES, TIME TO GROW! GROW REAL FAST AND DOSIDO", at least once (if not twice) after 4 lines of the song.
No real "dance" either. I kinda just start swinging my arms up and down and start skipping around. Add a little head bob, a bit of can-can, this and that.

I don't think it helps them grow, but it's fun to sing!
Tao: The First Samurai Musician (something for your wiki)

What if the veggie Dance actually did help them grow? XD
Hahaha, you're a weirdo dude, that's why I like you XD
(08-12-2015 09:37 PM)AshuraTakezo Wrote: [ -> ]Hahaha, you're a weirdo dude, that's why I like you XD

I thought tao is a human. Tongue
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