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Full Version: bug or error
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What happens is this: The game is good, but the problem is that when I enter the dojo I do not see people, I can accept but not send duels or trades, and it is not lag because my internet is fast.
Nah, you're wrong. It's lag.

It's an improper connection to the server. usually happens when i log in, and then my internet disconnects and reconnects. You probably also cant see anything in all chat unless you type /join global again.

But if you can, it might just be either a micro-disconnection, or, you don't have the speed or bandwidth to load the data.

You can try clearing your cache, or closing other tabs. Maybe your browser can't handle the stress of loading all those players in one spot.

Post a speedtest from speedtest.net

Also, it *could* be your distance from the server, or a combination of all of these things working together.

But generally, when people say "It isn't my internet, my internet is fast" those are the people who have the crappiest internet.
The best way to avoid such problems is to refresh the game from your browser (mozila or chrome or firefox or anything) every 30-45 minutes.
thx for the answer, I suppose I will have to repair my PC, since my internet can not be, because my internet is 30 gb.
LMAO... It has nothing to do with repairing your pc. You just have to refresh the page to avoid those problems.
Is my PC,Because I sent it to format a short time ago, and I have 5 days with this problem, so refreshing the page would be useless.
Try updating everything also. Especially Java and your drivers.

When it reformats, it can do all sorts of weird things to the drivers, so it's always good to make sure you are up to date.
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