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Full Version: Goodbye Explosive Barrel Community
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I gave back my kanji powers and my kanji sign today.

It has been a pleasure to be there around and doing my job around.

Good continuation to all players of SHSD, wishes you all the best ! (If some of you want to keep further contact, drop me a pm)

Also here is some gems, that I kept around if a day I were to leave.

Allias, when he got to hell without getting 20 000 dollars


ChilledNova when he got full retard (as usual)


(links in the gyazo above)




When Yurei sent me 45 messages for know his custom advancement (no screenshot)

When I rickrolled the whole team.

Lord Dragon : "And I got rickrolled once again"
Ryukanji : "MasaruKanji your rickroll is strong in this domain"

When Leo got pranked with a link

When a user trolls you with a gif question

When Cordelia gives you a heavy laught at the point you can't even breathe.

When Clojelo sent me a message containing critical issues, and that I couldn't replied to him because he disabled his pm (silly man !)

When a random newbie came to forum to rant, while he tried to cheat.


When I rickrolled all the community with the SHSD survey.

When a dude called Crotch Hugger came by.

When random dupers came at me asking for get their trade ban removed or their ban removed. (No screenshot)

When some random beggars comes at you with idiotic questions :

When a troller comes to troll too hard while he shouldn't go this way.

(You can say whatever you want, coming from one ex duper, also ex guy who abused several bugs in the game, I have no longer any mercy for trolls. I muted you myself, not because of nico.

Again Should had keep it low buddy !)

When the community knows you too much.


When peoples thought I was a girl

When some peoples though the wedding location was the kanji domain, and used recall stones to get back there.

That moment when a player sent a ranting message to you about another player, while you don't know anything, then discover later on this player has been banned due to mass duping 1000 tokens and some gear

That moment when a player is messing with you and get REKT :

Demonking: hi and bye all
Allias: Im back in the world foundation
Allias: Masaru :v
Tarisu: im so excitement
Allias: I wish I could give ya herbs :v
Tarisu: i love you too
[Kanji] MasaruKanji: Do you know what comes good with herbs ?
Tarisu: my girl
[Kanji] MasaruKanji: The silence.
Tarisu: my girl
Soysauce: LOL
Soysauce: RIP
Ichiroukurosu: .....
Whoareyou: OHHH !
Whoareyou: GET REKT !
Allias: damn
Allias: I got rekt
Sadflute: RIP
Whoareyou: Hahaha Allias GET REKT !
Tarisu: married me
Whoareyou: RIP ALLIAS 12/30/2016

Later on he threatened me to bug abuse the silence, so I muted him for 2 hours for see if he would escape it. He didn't made it.

And my best gem ever. (I recorded it while making footage for the game)
Hey, come on, you can't be seriously leaving o.o tell me this is just a troll O.O
(07-06-2016 11:05 PM)Thylakaleo Wrote: [ -> ]Note to self-

When Masa sends a link, don't click it.

You will be dearly missed Masa. i hope you check in every once in a while on us. You were one of the hardest working Kanji we had!!
Nuuuu Q.Q you were the best Kanji ever. I will miss you T-T.
;-; I will miss you.
Another loss for the game.
Also, thx for the weap Big Grin
It is sad to see how the only man who was trying to improve the game is leaving. I think it is the result of indiffernce from devs, who put mods on the frontline.

Goodluck, Masaru, I still consider you as the best kanji(really).
One last fall for the link. (* ̄^ ̄)ゞ
And you bet your ass i listened to the whole thing.
is that your dog in the video? he looks strange and playing soccer..
bye bye masaru ;_;
you left, because nico left is quitting for the first time

I can understand this, because I left, because Sanatsu left.
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