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Full Version: SHSD not loading in Chrome/Edge
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My niece visited during vacation and was eagle to play as her samurai. Instead, we got a mostly blank page where the game used to load. Tried Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge. (Edit: SHSD still load using IE 11)

Quick fix:
Attached a html file that loads SHSD using HTML embed tag.
1) Save file to disk. Open with your fav browser.
2) Click puzzle icon and Allow Adobe Flash content
[Image: 18xn38d.jpg]

Best guess:
Popular browsers no longer allow Adobe flash content to display by default, in favor of HTML5. swfobject javascript is used to embed the game's pre-loader. Unfortunately, the script suppressed the option that let user allow adobe flash to load. If so, will need dev's help to fix the home page script.
You hit the nail on the head with this one. I've been experiencing the same issue, but you might also be due for an update. You seem pretty technically skilled in this respect though, so i figure you already tried that.

One i updated, i could get it to work maybe every other time i tried on chrome, and for firefox, it gave me the option to enable java when i visited the site.

Hopefully this can be a fix for people who can't load the site.
(06-07-2017 11:17 PM)Thylakaleo Wrote: [ -> ]I've been experiencing the same issue, but you might also be due for an update.

Good call, sir.

Followed your advice update Firefox and install Adobe Shockwave flash (v25) plugin (Doh!)
SHSD now loads in Firefox.

[Image: BTZ0wRK.jpg]
[quietly] whoo IE rules whoo \(o-o )/ [quietly] no? Yeah i'm leaving ( o_o)
nice Smile
Chrome's new update allows webpages to use flash but they require permission. However, you can switch back by going to;


Then simply find flaash and tick: allow browsers to use flash.

That will turn it back to the old days
Well it works in my browser chrome XD
Yeah people who have a working chrome probably have old updates. Same with Firefox.
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