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Full Version: So I killed a red oni on heavy
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I did a heavy only (small slash only) challenge against red oni and i killed him using only rolls and slashes.am i the only one to pull that off?
Nah it's been done before. It was a lot easier though back when roll was 100% dodge chance.

Doing it with no skills at all in heavy, just slashes, now that's the challenge.
Red onis must have been killed hundreds of times by so many players that I wouldn't be surprised if somebody had already used heavy stance instead of light stance when rolling.

I personally prefer this technique https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAWGp5Ez2NE but shame that red onis don't give anything worth the hassle of killing them.

I also found this video btw, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wg_cfyTVY7k it's not about onis but his technique is quite impressive.
Tbh I never used any slash on a red oni till date. Still killed em.
There are more and more methods.
Light stance
Use focus, get near, do a long slash, you'll dodge and slash. Repeat
Same way, but use kunais as well. To make more hits, equip the elementary kunais as well.

Another method is using right and left dash. That did wonders on my side but eh. I'm rusty
how i kill my big badass children =
slash above to the other corner using light, use clone, charged shot, repeat.
They were never worth it.
Most valuable thing I got from an Oni Heart is a large Sake
well, if you think about the loot, yeah. but they can also be used for training partner for light user or if you wanna train your use for skills.
Don't they also drop the bare legs?
Nope. Not really mitsu. Maybe the can help on skill coordination, but fighting a red oni is far too different from an actual light stance fight
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