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Full Version: RIP
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It appears that this place is dead. But I'm curious to know if the game is too?
The sky is dark over Hong Kong.
What did you say?
Just play the game and you will see o3o
I log in every so often, seems to still have a little bit of a player base, but at the same time, mostly non-english speakers and noobs.

I assume we would have an influx of returners if there was an update.
Sky is pretty clear around here.

Yurei, I don't really have the will. Or time. xD

Anddd the most logical conclusion seems to be: DEAD
Thanks for the info Leo xD

But I am disappointed to be honest. I really love this game
Update coming 2018... i'm sure... i hope (O-O)
Coming soon... ( ._.)
[Image: HRNWyCcqSqqdzGrpBfL9Jg.png]

coming in 2018.... ?
coming soon.....
last i recall, there wasn't anything coming at the end of 2016. so i really doubt an update will come in 2018. "santa" is likely has "marked" us as "bad children" over the past...uh...3 years, i think?
Never syop hoping yurei..
Merry christmas everyone \(^o^)/ !!!!!

Didn't want to make a seperate topic ._.
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