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Full Version: [Game]Post before an Administrator!
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Simple, yet impossible: How many times can we post before an administrator of the forum? (RyuKanji, The Admin, KageYoshi, MasaruKanji, or Roxzen )

All you need to do is post the number of posts posted since the last administrator...post....

The scoreboard:
High Score: 121
Kanji Victory: 132
ArchRival: MasaruKanji

5 Posts before an Admin {Complete! 10/28/2015}
15 Posts before an Admin {Complete! 11/12/2015}
50 Posts before an Admin {Complete! 01/24/2016}
75 Posts before an Admin {Complete! 10/13/2016}
100 Posts before an Admin {Complete! 10/13/2016}
150 Posts before an Admin {Locked}
Lost to the Admin {Complete! 8/17/15}
Lose 5 times {Complete! 10/15/15}
Lose 20 times to the Admin {Complete! 11/12/2015}
Lose 50 times to the Admin {Complete! 05/18/2016}
Lose 100 times to the Admin{Complete! 07/08/2016}
Get 5 different posters in 20 minutes {Locked}
Excelente! (Somehow, we brought Dora into this.) {10/28/2015}
"Before the administrator" musical number {Locked}
Plotted administrator's downfall {11/05/2015}
Rapid Fire Engaged! 20 posts in one hour.{Complete! 10/13/2016}
DDR Enhancement: {Locked}
Sweet cakey goodness (Who wants some CAKE? Big Grin) {1/26/2016}
True poetry. {5/9/2016}

Last but not least, NO DOUBLE POSTS. Has to be a different person person between each post.


The plotting begins...
The Admin sums up the situation
An ironic response!
Has Marasru....vanished?
The answer...
A shop appears!
First post! Big Grin
TongueTongue xDxDxDxD
Nice game
Information collected
hey i like this
I'm game.
I miss Tao, he was damn creative.
Information collected.
Darn, that's two loses there.
Masaru, if you're up for a challenge, I'll give you a good one, remember, the game includes the whole forum, so, I'll beat you damn good, you got a last chance
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