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Full Version: Bounty hunters office.
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The game is simple, you set a bounty on a player, and you need to record and post that you get him/her here. (Using Gifs or videos). (the duel replays don't count).

The first one to post the prove get the bounty.

Tip : Fraps and Gyazo can be used.

Rules :

  1. You can't set a bounty on Kanjis.
  2. Be respectfull of others (you can be satirical as long as it respect the others.)

Feel free to create bounties. This thread was maded just for fun. (The rewards are real, and if you create your own, you have to give the reward (unless if you created a free bounty). ).

Bounties of the day.

Yuuta : Was catched at night trying to summon a unicorn using a candle on one horse.

Reward : 1 racoon potato.

Thylakaleo : Was catched using blood for change his armor texture.

Reward : 1 racoon potato.

Edit : For claim the reward, if I'm not online you can PM me on the forum, or send me a PM in game.
Feel free to invite me to PVP, public or private, when you see me online to come try to claim your reward. =p
Yunggriff got the bounty on Thylakaleo (I was there to see).

1 raccon given.

There is still a bounty on Yuuta.

Oh wait another one hehe...


Ate 100 ramens and didn't paid.

Reward : 500 coins

Neverdie08 got him.

Yuuta is still running !

Next bounty :

Kagetokimamori Tried to play tag with wolves

reward : 1 potato bear.

Sadflute got him.

Yoshinobu : tried to build a use using riceballs

Reward : 1 racoon potato.

Neverdie got him.

Next bounty : Tendril

Tried to escalade a ki sensu castle for tag it.

Reward : One potato bear.

EDIT : I saw all of thoses listed beeing defeated by my eyes.

Only Tendril and Yuuta are still running ! And you will need a proof for your reward.
Omg... "Summon a unicorn using a candle on one horse"... seriously? XD
(09-05-2015 09:17 AM)Yuuta Wrote: [ -> ]Omg... "Summon a unicorn using a candle on one horse"... seriously? XD

We don't know what you were thinking... tsk tsk.
If I did that, I think I wasn't thinking xDD. Anyway, this seems like a fun game, when I reach 80 I will come to pvp, well, I might come before to try and take some other bounties ^^
Cool ^○^
Bounty: 10thcaptain

Crime: Walked over me in tournament.

Prize: One Potato Raccoon.
Why do I get a feeling that this event can blew up?
NOT A BOUNTY: Not MasaruKanji. Why would I do that? He's always nice to me, shame on you.
NO REASON: No reason, there's no bounty, I'm not allowed to set a bounty on him for telling me I can't set a bounty on him.
THERE IS NO REWARD: Nothing. I can't give 1000 coin away, that bounty would be against the rules. Can't you respect the rules? What are you, an illegal assassin or something? That's terrible, and you're a terrible person for even entertaining the idea. Here is me experiencing disgust at reading what you are thinking:

[Image: tumblr_m6cjcdHczr1qkgxf0o1_500.gif]

ARE YOU GOLDFANGDRACO?: Yes? Oh hey Goldfang-taisho! Nothing to see here, sir, it would bore you, I'll have that armory inventoried and cataloged tomorrow sir!

No? You're not Goldfang-dono? Goddammit why did you let me think that? Anyway, keep reading:
ACTUAL BOUNTY: Goldfangdraco
ACTUAL REASON: With him out of the way, I shall succeed him as Division Taisho, and rule with hedonism and shameless irresponsibility!
[Image: tumblr_m4t4ot3BbY1qcmnoyo1_500.jpg]


(09-05-2015 12:16 PM)Centifolia Wrote: [ -> ]Why do I get a feeling that this event can blew up?

Someone set it up the bomb?
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