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Full Version: who is your favorite mod in the game
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Mine is kage and masaru Tongue
All of em
CrowHeart and Masaru
my favorite is the mysterious secret kanji.. :o
(10-19-2015 02:47 AM)Azgodeth Wrote: [ -> ]my favorite is the mysterious secret kanji.. :o

every kanji that stand near me Tongue
Masaru. Then Crow. Then i guess Kageyoshi, then Ryu.

But, that also ranks them in order of seriousness. From the silliest (Masaru) to the most serious (Ryu). So that might explain why i like them that much.

But, when Ryu silences someone, I usually don't see him warn people, which i personally find hilarious, and oddly satisfying when a spammer just stops dead in his track and Ryu announces the silencing.
Nice ranking lmao, and Ryu actually warns people, maybe not spammers but he does.
Masaru is helpful and has a sense of humor.
all heil Crow, and Masaru. #LOVE <=3
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