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IP Ban - Ukiyo - 02-10-2018 09:25 PM


I am a new player that really enjoys the game and was hoping to contribute to the forum and the community in a positive way, however sadly my first post here is one of a negative nature.
I have been here for 3 months and almost from first day I have been continously harassed and abused by a specific player and his alts. I have tried the ignore command and also gave him many chances before writing here, but it seems this person really has mental issues and as time passes this becomes more serious.
He first approached me and insisted on becoming my "teacher" but when I refused because of his arrogant and awful manners, he made a scene about how he is "nothing without me" and ever since, he has been creating alts and constantly following me around, sending me pms and spamming me with duels, insults or asking me for items.
I ignore his alts and don't pay attention when I realise it is him, and normally this would be enough as suggested in other posts here. I can easily tell who he is by a series of speech patterns, variations of fake stories he recycles and from his fighting style too.

However, I am now informed that he also made an account that claims to be me so this might affect me in more ways than being insulted and abused verbally. So please note that anyone claiming to be Ukiyo's alt or speaking on my behalf is not really me.

I am an adult player and am not influenced by his actions, but really think that this is a dangerous behaviour for young players that could be targeted in the same way. Most laugh it off, but when it is so repetitive and agressive, it really exceeds the limits of a rude teen troll and turns into something more sick and harmful. And young kids here deserve to be protected from this.
It is also a behaviour that is seriously against the official rules of conduct, so I am asking to consider an IP ban of him and his alts. Even that does not mean he won't be able to enter game, but at least if he doesn't have access from his main IP, it will make things more difficult for him or at least he will spend less time online, which was also strangely one of his requests to me, to "find him a way not to exist on this game".

So, player's main name was Kagenoakuma, some say he is Tobi, and the alts I believe to be his so far include Falco, Kuroiraion, Ghostlytengu, Ukiiiyo or Ukiiiiiyo or similar (!), but these past days he probably deleted all these and now uses the names XkarmaX and Kuraiyoru. The alt he claims is mine is called Kageluna or Kagetokiluna, and that one I haven't seen yet but was informed about it from other players. I guess these are all easy to check and verify from accessing his main account and IP adresses, so if I am wrong about any of these names, I apologise in advance.
I have not kept many screenshots cause I keep ignoring him ,but some indicative of his mental state are attached to this post, a fake apology and the insults that started again soon after.

RE: IP Ban - L10N - 02-11-2018 12:17 AM

Oh my my. What a grave issue. Totally affects the flow of this active game. Moreover young innocent kids like me must be protected, of course!

Glad to see someone raising their voice against mean bullies.

RE: IP Ban - Ukiyo - 02-11-2018 02:26 AM

Thank you for taking the time to respond L10n, in such a productive and positive manner, I am sure you are concerned too and will work on making shsd a safe experience for everyone, have a pleasant day Smile

RE: IP Ban - Driller - 02-11-2018 03:34 AM

uki, i understand the issue. i just used /ignore and it worked, but he is like tobi with alts. i agree with this and that he needs a punishment. not a ban though. set his lvl to lvl 1, make all gear that he finds have lvl req of lvl 2, and he doesnt gain exp, even with racc. make it so that lvl 80 players can active duel him and there is no decline. torment him and harass him for being the ass he is.


RE: IP Ban - L10N - 02-11-2018 03:44 AM

@Driller, that's the evilest thing I can imagine, not .-.

Accept the guy for being a troll. Respekt him. Straw Hat Samurai Duels isn't a game without accepting the ... cancer.

All of you are crybabies, just like me.

RE: IP Ban - Zetzane - 02-11-2018 03:53 AM

i find it odd that just l1on and itzron answered

RE: IP Ban - L10N - 02-11-2018 04:13 AM

That's right! It's me Nice Guy L10N!

The other players are opportunists who talk about their own stuff like a pointless new clan island called Pikustan!

RE: IP Ban - Ukiyo - 02-11-2018 04:23 AM

Well, they are "concerned" I guess and have free time to waste, but I am not here to teach rude boys manners, I am here to have fun and not interested in banning all offensive players cause, you know, almost noone would be left.
However, this personal obsession with me has gone beyond trolling and is sick, so this is not really up for discussion or debate, it is only a report for kanjis and admins to consider, I was advised to post it, here it is, nothing else to discuss honestly.

RE: IP Ban - L10N - 02-11-2018 04:34 AM

Well, it's one of my jobs as the Nice Guy to ensure that no posts are murdered with silence. You are welcome and good luck . Pfft Smile

RE: IP Ban - Driller - 02-11-2018 01:26 PM

random reply so that i could get more contribution to the thread

i only posted once ._.