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Spanish player advocating cheat
06-17-2017, 05:48 AM (This post was last modified: 06-17-2017 05:49 AM by Thylakaleo.)
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RE: Spanish player advocating cheat
Nnnnnot really.

The way macros work is kinda like a robot. You program it to do a set of tasks and repeat, and it does those tasks.

So you tell it, "Click this point in the screen, then click this point in the screen. Look for this object, and click that point in the screen. Wait X number of seconds, or wait until you see this object again, then click this point in the screen."

So you could make it go like, "Click left sign to leave area, click right sign to enter area, Click all the way to the right side so your character runs into bandit troop, wait 30 seconds, repeat." or something along those lines.

But to have one that does actual tracking, and especially for slashing (click + drag + release) would be really complex. And also, since you're fighting a live person, they'll be moving all over. So even at best, it wouldn't be better than autoslash, but it would also make it more difficult to input skills if the clicking interferes with your keyboard presses in any way, which it does on some hardware.

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