Poll: Vote for your favourite outfit
Tengu of the Kamikaze Clan
Protector of Buddha
Yatagarasu no Tengu
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[EVENT] Revote for your favourite outfit
12-02-2017, 06:48 PM
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RE: [EVENT] Revote for your favourite outfit
(10-27-2017 03:58 AM)Yurei Wrote:  These are the Top 5 outfits judged by me and Klinge. They are in no particular order. Everyone has 1 vote. The outfits will be ranked by the ammount of votes. Contestants are free to vote for themselves or not. The achieved rank will determine the prizes.
Good luck and may the best win ^^.

Voting will end 30.Oct.2017 on 24:00 german time zone (GMT+2).

Tengu of the Kamikaze Clan by Zetzane
[Image: tengu.png]

Xie'e by PikuChan
[Image: HYlGvyJlQkGGaKWnK6L7iQ.png]

Bleach by AngelMC
[Image: attachment.php?aid=354]

Protector of Buddha by Dokuganryu
[Image: protector.png]

Yatagarasu no Tengu by Orochi
[Image: tV1Aibd.png]
protector of buddha awsome bleach to old fashion xie'e nice ya all good

[Image: 0898123b7a8f45d3b6883ebd36da5c20.jpeg]
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