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Outfits/Accessories/Mask/Hair Suggestion Thread.
10-11-2017, 04:57 AM
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RE: Outfits/Accessories/Mask/Hair Suggestion Thread.
Well, this time he actually had something to say. So at least it wasn't for no reason at all.

As for what he said, i think he was a little off point there. The point of curves in the armor ARE to deflect sword strikes, but the issue Centi made with boobs is that those aren't curves that can potentially deflect sword strikes.

They're well pronounced outcroppings, that are, on the whole, unnecessary. Why encase the entire bosom in armor, and drape it forward and out from the chest, where it can be easily struck?

It would make much more sense battle wise to become as flat as possible, and have a gentle curve in the armor to deflect the sword strikes.

Not to mention the fact that all that extra metal would add a lot of extra weight forward, and throw the female fighter off balance.

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RE: Outfits/Accessories/Mask/Hair Suggestion Thread. - Thylakaleo - 10-11-2017 04:57 AM

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