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Trade Ban is unfair
03-08-2017, 09:00 AM
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RE: Trade Ban is unfair
(03-08-2017 08:44 AM)aloshka Wrote:  Anyway, what did you expect from kanjis to do, since Nico has been almost bragging he's duping, I've even warned him, he's on radar. He's not donating, he's not rich, so he has no anti-ban armor.

Give relevant difference in that aspect between Eniocia (+other spanish freaks) AND Nico, then it will be more sensible.

Ofc I'd like to see him unban.

nico actualy didnt dupped before even tho he knows how to do it, that guy never lied to me, means he knows that its against the game, comparing to spanish dupers nico can be easily ask to stop dupping, dont say were not new to you, you know how we talk in chat, if we said ''we dupped something'' it means were just mocking someone or trolling, and first of all he srsly tried to stay decent as long as he can, but seeing encocia being able to trade again its just....
whoareyou can trade, hannah keeps denying that she/he dupped, himaru? idk but he stated that he lend this 2 guys high class items, tho this 2 guys were obviously duppers, he said hes not a dumb guy, so ask him again, why would you lend this guys your items? dont answer me with ''because im a good clan member'' because thats bullshyt. dont play dumb.
And i feel sorry for this admins, i saw players from my country that talks to each other on all chat (didnt get to capture cuz i was on a different computer) they are even proud of the OP items they dupped, and saying that this kanjis are so easy to them.
i admit i helped nico dup his gold tokens but i have no idea how to dupe it, you cant blame us too, because why would you let this duppers have the last laughs? kageyoshi and ryukanji made tournament on the time were gold token dupping is a thing so meaning they let these guys abuse the game. We played this game for like 4 years dont say that we like this game to die, ofc we dont, just ask as to stop and show us that you can actualy stop this mess and prevent them from coming back then were good.

How about I give you an advantage. Cut me anywhere you want.
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03-08-2017, 09:03 AM
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RE: Trade Ban is unfair
(03-08-2017 08:56 AM)Yurei Wrote:  Why does Nico get banned of all people? Why also from the forum? Why not other people (Srry if i make you angry Cord and Chro but obvious Hono is obvious. We all know it's not Hono as a clan i'm attacking. Just the troublemakers.
How much did he donate?

How much did Chronos donate?

OMG, I'm sorry Hono I asked that question!
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03-08-2017, 09:04 AM (This post was last modified: 03-08-2017 09:06 AM by Yurei.)
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RE: Trade Ban is unfair
(03-08-2017 08:59 AM)aloshka Wrote:  
(03-08-2017 08:48 AM)Zetzane Wrote:  So people have to be rich and donate in oreder to be allowed to dupe?
Man ur morals are low...
Yeah, apparently. But I'm describing how it works, I'm not telling how it should be. At least not right now.

And duping is the last thing on the list of what is broken here. It's laughable when it comes to compare to other cheats. It's like comparing a bow to nuclear bomb.
The problem is more people who know to dupe than there are people knowing all the other cheats combined. If i want to know how to overcap i have to make friends with at least decent players. If i want to know how to dupe i just have to make friends to a random noob and i will eventualy be told.
But as you say, it's not your ideal. Worse, it's reality.
As i already said in another thread #StopBanningNico

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03-08-2017, 09:10 AM
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RE: Trade Ban is unfair
too late he made up his mind quitting the game

How about I give you an advantage. Cut me anywhere you want.
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03-08-2017, 09:42 AM
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RE: Trade Ban is unfair
No one is "allowed" to dupe items, those who are caught will be punished and that is the end of it.

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