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New passive skills that are needed to be added in SHSD
04-13-2017, 07:59 PM (This post was last modified: 04-13-2017 10:43 PM by Kiritou the wise and ferocious.)
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New passive skills that are needed to be added in SHSD
You may not believe me, but I have a suggestion involving all the skills in SHSD.
An upgraded version of the usual skills.

For the Stances:

BALANCED: Stab and Air Combo

HEAVY: Flip-Up and Air Combo

LIGHT: Flip-Up and Stab

For the Survival:

JUMP: High Jump with a tremor aftershock

ROLL: Successful roll restores Health and Chi

CARRYING WEIGHT: May upgrade your bag into more than just a large sack. A visual upgrade is also in play, an owned peddler's cart, a pack horse, or even a supplier's cart

SCAVENGING: An Eagle-eyed vision must be included. That'll help us see which hut we can go to, enemies we can attack, and a main settlement(Depending which is the building according to the SHSD Map Legend). The stats of the regional map also differs

For the Chi:


Healer's Charge: Restores Health gradually

Chi Spear: Hurls a spear of destructive chi against enemies

Spirit Drain: Same as Spirit Thief, but gains health steal function

Chi Blast: Same as Chi Burst, but wider and more destructive at the higher Chi cost


Meditative Conscience: Regains Health and Chi gradually similar to AP regen, saving time on the regen buffs on items

Chi Blade: Damages Chi the same amount as health on a Critical Hit

For the Ninja:


Pepper Bomb: Same as Flashbang, but damages the enemy at the same time

Caltrops: Damages and slows the enemies down. Kunai required

Stealth Strike: A stab attack from stealth.


Dirty Tactics: Willing to get your hands dirty with more than blood regardless of the consequences gains a chance to critically hit your opponent on the body part you're targeting

Assassination: A normal attack from stealth always severely damages your opponent based on his/her low health threshold
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04-13-2017, 09:17 PM (This post was last modified: 04-13-2017 09:20 PM by Yurei.)
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RE: New passive skills that are needed to be added in SHSD
Too lazy to quote everything so i will just start.
The reason why air combo doesn't exist for Bal and Heavy is because the DPS would be too high. A fight would be basicly decided in seconds. Flip up is a specialty for Bal so is stab for Heavy. You would take the unique properties from them away. No ome realy uses stab anways because i can lead to accidental stabbing and being in an animation lock. Flip up in heavy wouldn't pair well with the theme of 'Heavy'. Basicly if you get knocked down and already used smoke flip up won't help you against well equipped opponents.

If you don't have enough inventory weight that's why there are banks. If you got so many items that neither is enough then you have a horder problem and should contact your nearest doctor. I want to add that a visiual effect would kinda be a bit anticlimactic if i see a Chronos in EF and he's dragging a cart behind him.

As to the skills and passives. Practicly everything with HP regen would need to be a high risk high reward mechanic. Simply rolling with enough speed for your cooldown would drag fights into eternity. The inate out of combat regen like AP regen would be kinda nice tho.
A higher jump than 'Jump' is executed by doing it with a slash.
Flashbang is already considered cheesy, with dmg too people would be salty. The pepper in a pepper bomb isn't meant to inflict more pain anyways. It's meant to blind the person for a longer time.
The chi blade sounds interesting but i wouldn't take dmg dealt to health value. I would set a maximum ammount.
Caltrops would be similar to traps. How would they work with the slash system of the game? Debuff on the slash range?
Anything regarding assassination stuff, there is already stealth and focus. As of now you already can go invisible and wait for your crit to load (which doesn't take very long).
Last but not least, the scavenging eagle-eye. I would love to see this. Would greatly help with leveling. Seeing 3 wave bandits or just even bandits on the map would make life so much easier.

Good to know facts:
Don't use stab in heavy. You will more often than not use stab by accident which will give your opponent enough time to kill you.

You don't need Air combo in light to be able to fly around.

For scavenging and leveling there were already nice people who made nice maps.
You can find maps with mines.
You can find maps with specific locations like Dog, Bear, Racc... statues.
There is a map with the perfect leveling path to maximize your Encounters with 3 wave bandits.
The first map is somewhere in this forum, the 2 other i have but won't show cause reasons.

[Image: saskiayureiup76f9gtxa.png]
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04-14-2017, 09:17 AM
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RE: New passive skills that are needed to be added in SHSD
Yurei is so wise

Currently recruiting for Kamikaze
The tengu of the Kamikaze sees everything
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