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Chikako Ero-ero fun time
07-13-2015, 12:17 AM (This post was last modified: 06-30-2016 02:39 AM by Centifolia.)
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Chikako Ero-ero fun time
I had quite an obsession with Chikako for a while now to the point that I will derail the chat with a few short erotica. And I did it so many times that Kanji already muted and warned me. (But that did not stop me.)

So for that reason, I have decided to just turn it into a full-pledge story. Here is a little erotica that I have made for the sake of glorifying my waifu.

But before we begin, allow me to point out a few things
  • This is a yuri story. If you are repulsed by homosexual stories, then I recommend you to leave
  • This is a full-blown R-18 erotica. If you reading this somewhere not safe, like work or right in front of family members, then I also suggest you to leave.

Still here and ready to read a story about two girls sharing the purest form of love? Alright then here we go:

Chapter #1: Onsen Love

[Image: G0709jY.jpg]
(This scene does not appear in the story)

The waxing moon casted its white veil unto the ninja village, the lambent light shine through the hidden settlement that is currently under a great unrest. In the great house, a secret meeting was being held. With all the elders and high ranking officials present for the discussion, they interrogated the kunoichi who knelt in front of them without any sign of fear.

“Chikako” one of the elders called her name “Do you understand the threat that is currently endangering the secrecy of our clan?”

“Yes” the Kunoichi answered.

The chief unrolled a scroll and started skimming through it. “A samurai who knows about our secret and has no allegiance whatsoever is currently wandering about.”

“You have done well in luring her back to our village but if she were to journey back to the outside world, this will invite our demise.” He continued

“For a few coins, she may sell classified information that we never thought she has. Even a single slip of the tongue can spell the fall of the clan”

“The old guards we can trust, but she who has served them for only a few months and broke off their ties so easily can be an enemy in disguise. It is in our biggest concern to ensure that her tongue will remain shut”

“Understood” Chikako answered “I shall gather all the things she hides to force her into our service.”

And there then there was silence.

“You have chosen the wrong words, perhaps?” one of the elders whispered to the chief

“Allow me to reiterate” the chief spoke again. “Our guest maybe a threat but an alliance with someone who thwarted the Silent Song is much more favorable for our survival. Our goal is to win her loyalty without using anything that can blemish our relationship. Blackmail is out of the question”

Chikako tried to hide her confusion but everyone can see that she cannot follow so one of them made it clearer. “We need you to make her speak her secrets voluntarily. Which means that you have to...”

Another silence filled the room as the elder continued in speaking of the plan. By the time he finished, Chikako’s face was in full red.

“I-I-I- will have to WHAT?” she have lost all her silent demeanor after her superiors began speaking of the vulgar plan.

“Chief, I am a kunoichi. My trade is infiltration, espoinage, and sabotage. My way with words have always been lacking, manipulating someone’s emotion is even worse.”

“We know. But you are the only one whom she trusts enough to enter a village of killers who does not follow the bushido, alone and unarmed. No one else can get near her without rousing suspicion.”

“But...” Chikako’s protest drifted off the wind as the chief continued.

“We have prepared the bathhouse just for the two of you and we are equipping you with an aphrodisiac that you can use to spike her drink - use it well and wisely. We are also giving you a key to her room if ever you failed in the first one. Dawn must not be allowed to rise without learning something valuable. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir” Chikako responded, concealing her fears well. Never in her life had she ever given such a mission but if it is for the sake of the village it shall be done without question.


Exhausted from the days of your lonely journey, your body was assailed with the sensation of blissful warmth as you submerged your skin into the water. With a sigh of complete relaxation, your eyes wandered off to the surroundings, amusing yourself at how beautiful the place was. It was an open hot spring that offers a full view of the evening skylights. A balance of massive stones, light fauna, and carved wood gave a serene atmosphere, making it more relaxing that it already was. But despite the beauty of the place, you can’t help but wonder how it happened that you are the only one inside the spacious bath house.

Alone in your thoughts, the loneliness was lost under the warm steam. A few minutes later, the first company entered the place. It was Chikako. Wearing nothing but a towel, she walked towards the stone pool with a tray of sake on her hand.

“Yo” you greeted, trying to be friendly. But she just averted her eyes.
“The chief asked me to give you a drink” she said “Would you like me to pour you some?”

“Yes, if you may.” With that said, she handed you an ochoko and filled it with the warm alcohol. The strong scent quickly wafted your nose. You smiled before putting it down. You are well aware of how powerful this stuff is and it is too early to take the risk. Chikako did not make a fuse about it and just joined you in the water.

She did not bother to break the quietness of the place but it is plain to the eye that she is uncomfortable and her uneasiness is taking its toll on your concentration. She has been in the water for only a few minutes but her face was already as red as an apple, her fingers are visibly shaking as she placed it near her lips as if she’s trying to find a way to escape trouble, and the worst part is that she has been stealing gazes on you at every single second that you turn your head away.

Finally having enough of the awkwardness, you decided to turn your back on her only to be interrupted when out of nowhere, she dropped a bomb.“Y-You have some big breast.”


“T-those breast of yours are such an eye catcher any enemy would always be distracted whenever they try to parry an assault from you. Also, you have some nice hips. Slender and lite without losing the firm shape, I can really see you slipping through traps and gaps without facing any resistance. And those legs, they are carved like marble but agile as a bird. Those legs will surely find no problem leaping through roofs and towers”

When the barrage of adoration faded, the stillness became deafening.

“Pervert”, the word came out with utter disgust. You watch as how the kunoichi suddenly collapsed under the combined weight of rejection, ridicule, and outright humiliation.

“I-I-I-I-I-” Chikako tried in vain to form even just a single coherent reply. Then she stood up. But before she could flee, you grabbed her hand and pulled her back to the waters.

With her back on the corner of the pool, you caged her with your arms and loomed above her menacingly. Everything went so quick that Chikako, despite being a veteran soldier, can only respond by shielding her bare chest. Her face was overwritten with fear as you trapped her in place. You smiled before leaning closer to her ear and whispered: “Hey, are you trying to seduce me?”

In that instant, Chikako’s face turned pale “W-What made you say that?”

“I have studied history” you replied. “Through the charms of a woman, countless generals and officers fell prey to lust and led their nations to their fall. Under the grip of temptation, all secrets will be laid bare and I won’t be surprised if such is also the reason why you invited me to visit your home village.”

“Is my sake poisoned with an aphrodisiac? Is my room filled with candles that carry arousing scents? Were my clothes sprayed with invigorating perfumes?” All the questions that you dropped damaged her sense of security over and over to the point that she can no longer maintain her eye contact.

“So, would you mind telling me what it is that you wanted to learn?”

“Our ways are to remain in secrecy” Chikako replied without raising her voice

“Knowing our plans will not make us speak of our intentions”


“I…” Chikako’s voice was lost again “We understand the consequences of our actions but if you would just believe us that there is no malice in it…”

“Alright, alright. I won’t push it.” You finally let go of her “It’s not like you guys are stupid enough to endanger earning the ire of the old guards. This game of truth or dare of yours can actually be fun and I’m willing to cooperate so long as I will remain unharmed.”

You heard Chikako sigh in relief as you went back to your place to pick up the bottle of sake “But a game is not fun if there’s only one player, right?”

“Eh?” Chikako squeaked

You raised the bottle in front of her. “If I were to be manipulated for the night, I want it to be done with the two of us.” You filled an ochoko and handed it to her “Fair deal, isn’t it? For the answers that you seek, all I need is a night of entertainment.”

Chikako stared at the alcohol for a few minutes before finally losing it “To hell with it all!” she yelled “I hate this mission and I hate all of you!”
Then she drank it all in one straight gulp. The moment the liquid passed her throat, the effects quickly took over her entire senses; her eyes started dilating, her body frozen in place and her strength was lost, dropping the ceramic into the water. She inevitably hugged herself for balance when her limbs started shaking.

“My body…it’s too hot…” she breathed in deep pain as she dipped herself lower into the water, desperate for anything that can cool herself down.
You thought that it should take at least a minute or two before the effects kick in but how guilty you felt as you watch how the heat tormented the innocent girl.

“This stuff should be illegal” you said before emptying its contents into the pool and assisted Chikako back to her feet. She was not kidding when she said that she feels hot. Every inch of her skin is burning and you can feel her shivering with every touch. Her frantic breathing was also not a laughing matter.

Immediately, you pulled her out of the water and let her lie down the floor. Sitting beside her, you called out: “Hey, can you stand? Should I call your town healer or something?” there was no reply. Instead, Chikako grabbed your arms and gripped on it strongly. “H-Hey, that hurt!”

But your pain was nothing compared to the scorching heat that is currently burning her from the inside out. She looked up to you, eyes glazed with pain and a face begging for mercy. That image of Chikako literally having no control over her own self have captured you off-guard and the next thing you knew, she reached out her arms and wrapped it on your neck, pulling you closer to her.

“Please don’t leave” she sobbed, enchanting you with her soft voice. There was a sudden change of mood and as a response, you gently leaned closer to her face and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

“I won’t” you assured her with an innocent smile

(Due to the forum rule of no NSFW,)

Click here for the next scene
[Image: IqUIhgO.jpg?2]

When the orgasm subsided, all her muscles retired to a complete relaxation. Her legs spread-out, arms out, and her chest heaving in a joyful pain. Her skin is still in red but she is already starting to cool down. Smiling a bit, you caressed her cheeks and whispered: “Feeling alright now?”

She responded with a slow nod before her eyes final closed down and she drifted off to sleep, leaving you alone to take care of a naked girl in the bath house. Acknowledging the price of playing with her, you went and do what you should: you throw your poisoned clothes into the water, put on Chikako’s garments, and then covered the girl with a towel before cradling her sleeping body as you went out of the bathhouse.

Outside, what you immediately did was seek out a random civilian, which is obviously a spy, and called him. He was astonished when he realized that the kunoichi that they sent to take care of you now lies helpless in your arms. But he was even more surprised when you said: “I need to see your chief.”


As the sun slowly rise to announce the arrival of dawn, a lone samurai walked through the gates of the hidden town. With her trusty swords in hand and a small inventory of necessities, she bade goodbye to the place that provided her with so much hospitality. They would not mind if she stayed longer but her desires for adventure will not satiate itself.

But before she could get far, loud rustles in the bushes and trees alerted her to a defense. Then a black figure descended atop the trees and right in front of her. It was Chikako.

“What do you want now?” the samurai asked her. “I already gave my secrets to your chief”

“So I was told” Chikako replied to her “But while bandits, ronin, and stray soldiers of the Silent Song run about we still cannot leave you be. Your loyalty is untested and may break once your teeth were pulled out and fingernails were pried open.”

“I was sent to guarantee you a safe passage until you reach the end of your destination” the kunoichi declare, staring at you with cold and determined eyes.

“But I have no destination”

“Then I shall be your guard till death do us part.”

“I see…” you said with a small smile then resumed your walk.

“Last night was incredible by the way. Though, I wish that you will make me cum next time too.”

At those words Chikako exploded into the image of raging embarrassment and seething wrath. Without warning, she raised her arm then slapped your cheek with the roar of ten thousand tigers.

“PERVERT!!!” She screamed at you with all her might before running ahead to leave you fixing your now painfully red and almost dislocated jaw.

And so the adventure begins…

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

I would love to continue writing this but there are many other things that I have to do. I cannot spend too much time gaming. My artists will drag me to the guillotine if I fail to give them another story before our next event.
But it is definite that this is not the last you have seen of me making love to my waifu. If I get enough support, I might consider posting some short erotica that consist of nothing but making further love to Chikako. (All of them would be yuri though as I cannot write anything else.)

Special mentions to these people: Vonschadel, Ahumazda, Gugsty, Izume, and Naruhiro.

I am a writer who fell for Chikako's charms. I was born to win her admiration and I desire to give her the purest form of love
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07-13-2015, 07:51 PM
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RE: Chikako Ero-ero fun time
That was....Motherfucking brilliant. *passes out due to the hotness of this*

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07-13-2015, 08:51 PM
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RE: Chikako Ero-ero fun time
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07-14-2015, 11:40 PM
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RE: Chikako Ero-ero fun time

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07-18-2015, 12:27 AM (This post was last modified: 07-18-2015 12:28 AM by Centifolia.)
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RE: Chikako Ero-ero fun time
Thread has 150+ views
Pastebin link has 200 views

Unless you bookmarked it, you can't go to the pastebin link without going here.
Just what are you people doing?

I am a writer who fell for Chikako's charms. I was born to win her admiration and I desire to give her the purest form of love
Current works(updatedx3)
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07-19-2015, 01:41 AM
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RE: Chikako Ero-ero fun time
(07-18-2015 12:27 AM)Centifolia Wrote:  Thread has 150+ views
Pastebin link has 200 views

Just what are you people doing?

I don't know anything about writing stuff, but i can tell u this one pretty good (for an ero-writings).
Do you make all this by yourself? is there's anyplace i can see you're other works?

P.S. I'm not the one who bookmarked this Tongue

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07-19-2015, 02:34 PM (This post was last modified: 07-19-2015 02:48 PM by Centifolia.)
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RE: Chikako Ero-ero fun time
Quote:Do you make all this by yourself? is there's anyplace i can see you're other works?
Yup. I am a writer who is about to get published soon.
I would like to keep my other works a secret though due to personal reasons.

Don't worry. I will write more stories about my waifu. (The problem is when I can get enough free time)

I am a writer who fell for Chikako's charms. I was born to win her admiration and I desire to give her the purest form of love
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11-09-2015, 06:20 AM (This post was last modified: 11-09-2015 06:27 AM by Centifolia.)
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RE: Chikako Ero-ero fun time
I am bumping this thread with 2 old erotica and a new one.
They are completely unrelated to the story. I simply wrote these out of and loneliness
Link for the half-update

(God, I have a literature event next week. Our booth is unsecured, our artist is missing, my job set me on full decapitation mode, and I am here writting erotica...again. I need to rethink my life.)

I am a writer who fell for Chikako's charms. I was born to win her admiration and I desire to give her the purest form of love
Current works(updatedx3)
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11-12-2015, 03:38 AM
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RE: Chikako Ero-ero fun time
Well to say....

This was a brilliant story, last time i saw this i was like "neh, i dont read this".
This time, i readed it and...Brilliant...
It has everthing a story should have (in my point of view)
Though i think it missed a bit of drama, it was perfect.

Good job Big Grin


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11-12-2015, 04:51 AM
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RE: Chikako Ero-ero fun time
Son, I think we found our Grandmaster perv..

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