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07-28-2015, 11:14 PM
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RE: Yokai
Alright, here's my idea

Due to the mischievous and wise nature of the Kitsune, I believe that they would do well as clown characters. They can be found as a normal NPC wandering about but her area would always have foxes around. If you interract with her, she would give you a dialogue that breaks the 4th wall, either in humorous or philosophical ways
Something like:
  • "A senile old man told us that we are all just fabricated existence given birth by a technologically advanced civilization and that we live and die according to the will of our creators. Well, we sent him to the recycle bin"
  • "Go on, little kid, challenge me as you wish. Your porn tab can wait"
  • "Aren't I beautiful? I am definitely not a cross-dressing man by the way"
  • "Do you know why you are so good at playing this game? It's because you can achieve nothing else in life lol."

After those words, you can challenge her to a duel.
The kitsune fights like an ordinary ronin but with a catch. Before she appears, foxes would first rain down and once she finally spawn, she will always disappear into a puff of smoke whenever you hit her.
That effect ends once all foxes have been killed.

Can only be found in the Hokkaido province.

Not an enemy but I would like to see a Nopperabou just for the fun of it.
[Image: 060-nopperabou-229x300.jpg?resize=350%2C200]

They will appear as merchant stores that can rarely, and randomly be found outside of towns, sometimes even in the center of a fallen village. Once you interacted with it, it would give you a very crude message saying:

T̻h̭͓͚̼͕͓͗́̓̾͊͊ͨȧ̳̏ͪ͋n͕̒̌͂ḱs̪̪̼̜̈ ̟f͖̫͈͕̰̺ͨ́̅̐̔ͧͅo̰̺ͩ͊̏͋ͦ̽r͑ͯ ̟̭̯̗͇͙̜̄̏̎ͫ̽̏͂d̩̞͓r̅̿̉ͬͨͮͨo̟̦p̭͇͉̫͚̞̹̃́ͪͪ̒p̟͓̺͇̞͕͆i̫͐n͖̝̹͎̻͙̼̂͋ͣ̊̒g͍͕̲̣̻̜͋̏ ̜͇̭̲̲͎̺̿ͥ̊̍ͯͦͤḅ̦̺͔̩̜̏ͪ̌̂̽̿ͪy̫̬̦̯͓̥͌̀̌.̟̖̩ ̬̰̩̺̟̤C̖̜͈̦͕̬͊ͣ̽̾͋ȯ̺̦̦̙̼̤ͧ̒ͅḿ̦̲̩̘̘̭͐̍͒̂̍ͅe̥͖̰̩̭̽̃̽!͉͉̮͓̾ͤͤ́͒̀ ͭH̞̱ͯạ̼̱̜͖̍̾v̜̳̙̥͉̈̿̏e̖̬͖̘͉̪̍ ͓̩̦̲ͭ͑͗å̆̍ ̇ͥ͑l̦̭̉͂̀̽̎̐o̿̉͂ͨ̓̍̚o͎̝̪̳͇̙͋̑̈ͅk̃ ̣̫̝̦̄̈͗a͎̥͓̠͖ͤ̊̽̑͊̆ͩr̜ͩ̉ͦ͊o̾ͤ͗͆̓̏̅u̟̝̙̬̠̎̓̒͒͋n͎̫̔̊̎dͮ͐̒̒͂ͦ̉!͍̘͕̄̽͋ͪ̓ͅ

After that, you will face a store that has literally nothing to sell and once you close the store window, the store would be nowhere to be found, leaving any player scared as he cannot tell whether he has really seen something or not.
Finding them 3 times will give you an achievement

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08-10-2015, 10:41 AM (This post was last modified: 08-10-2015 11:12 AM by MasaruKanji.)
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RE: Yokai
You can watch the progress of our current work at this link :

Feel free to suggest more creatures here.

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08-10-2015, 11:41 AM
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RE: Yokai
(08-10-2015 10:41 AM)MasaruKanji Wrote:  You can watch the progress of our current work at this link :

Feel free to suggest more creatures here.

Kanjis. Hard at work. Lmao.

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08-10-2015, 11:55 AM
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RE: Yokai
Is this a preparation for halloween?

And I'd like to suggest:

Teke teke: the scythe-wielding school girl with no lower body.
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08-10-2015, 12:41 PM
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RE: Yokai

[Image: P7Lg71h.png]
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08-10-2015, 04:42 PM (This post was last modified: 08-12-2015 07:13 PM by Yamakiri Yonjūrō.)
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RE: Yokai
So as far as Yokai I want to see in the game here's the list, how I think they should be implemented, and why:

  • Hashihime - I think that bridges should also exist in the game (rope, wooden, and stone) just as backdrops. I think that Hashihime would do very well for a sorceress-type enemy that maybe has some attacks like the Silent Song Cultist you encounter in the story mission. Seems like they would tie in very well with the Demon Wars lore.
  • Azukiarai - Again, this would work best on a beach background, or a riverbank background should one be so contrived (another nice addition, I should think). Rather than patrolling, they would stand still and be occupied with washing their beans until alerted to the presence of a player.
  • Gashadokuro - this would be a good Red Oni-sized enemy that would tie in very well with Jodai Hideaki and the Silent Song.
  • Hyosube - Good to accompany cave-dwelling packs of Blue Oni.
  • Jubokko - Perhaps mix with Jinmenju for extra creepy. Make it stationary and look very much like a typical background tree for a given area, except for the pile of bones underneath (like the ones underneath certain traps). Good Red Oni-sized enemy. Use Sakabashira for indoors.
  • Nobiagari - Have it be an invisible enemy that only becomes gradually visible as it sneaks up behind you. Have it primarily fight by teleporting behind you and knocking you down, attacking while you're down, and fading away relatively quickly when you face it, or growing large and attacking once its health is lower.
  • Nue - something which could largely use the wolf animations, perhaps transforming into a black cloud (avoiding damage like a roll, or flying in the air like a jump) and pouncing.
  • Okuri-Inu and Yosuzume - Both seem like they would tie in great with Silent Song. Okuri-Inu would do well with the wolf animation too. Don't know how you'd implement Yosozune though. Seems like these would also go much better with a haunted woods setting like the one in the story campaign.

  • Abumi-Guchi - Like the kitten players get, only an additional reward for war rank. Dunno what you guys plan to have kittens do, but Abumi-Guchi seems like it would fit into a magical pet category.
  • Hitodama - If Spirit Magic becomes a skill later on, these would tie in great with that, and they definitely have a great Silent Song tie-in.
  • Hitotsume-Kozō - Should appear suddenly and act as food vendors in areas without settlements.
  • Kameosa - Have it when you're searching jars with max scavenging, you have a very slim chance of finding a Kameosa, which acts like a large sake, but replenishes once every day.
  • Kitsune - I doubt I need to make much case for this, it's probably top of most people's lists.
  • Kodama - If even they just appear and disappear visually sometimes (and ESPECIALLY if they do that head-rattle thing) I will be happy. EDIT: if they did this to indicate a secret, like a ninja trail, that would be cool

  • Harionago - Seems like a strong single enemy which players could encounter and navigate a dialogue chain to avoid a confrontation, or battle and potentially get rare loot.
  • Hone-Onna - seems like a variation on the quest where someone asks you to lead them somewhere, then it turns out to be a bandit ambush. Instead, the NPC would turn out to be a Hone-Onna. Great to have a creepy face portrait transition to a skeletal face. Great tie-in with Silent Song.
  • Jorōgumo - Same as Hone-Onna, except additionally terrifying.
  • Kappa - Again, river setting would be good. Make cucumbers a harvestable crop and allow players to give them to Kappa for safe passage and loot (or access to fast travel). Have Suiko be always hostile, rarer, harder, and give better loot, and sometimes be accompanied by Kappa when fighting.
  • Yama-Uba - I wonder if Lady Oiwa is actually one of these? Either way, I like the dynamic of an NPC where if the player takes a risk of them being a scary enemy might turn out to give some sort of rare benefit (loot, fast travel, buffs, XP, etc.). Maybe incorporate gambling or something too.
  • Nurarihyon - If anything, seems like this one would tie in with the Kanji somehow. More of a suggestion for story-inclusion than a regular NPC or enemy.
  • Sunakake-Baba - SH-SH-SH-SHAAA! (have it blind you like a flashbang. If it escapes, it takes a little bit of coin. If you catch it, it begs for mercy and gives you an item.)

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08-11-2015, 01:12 AM
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RE: Yokai
Before giving my yokai suggestions i would like to say some general things concerning these potential yokai features. If you intend to implement a yokai in the game please don't make it a temporary attraction. By temporary i don't mean put it in a game and later remove it.No,i mean don't announce it on facebook as the new feature because players then get all hyped and before you know it they start arguing,competing with one another,keeping secrets(because they want to have the first kill or something),you get trolls who obstruct other players etc. Yokai should be a rare,maybe only show up in certain area on the map(only in the north or only by the sea...),attack only one gender(depending on the type of monster) or some only attack certain amount of people at one place and more importantly not always show up. Compare this to seeing a red oni for the first time,you're all "OMG,how do i beat this!?Cool!" but quickly you get fed up and they start annoying you "Oh come on already!Fall asleep.I need to get to the town.". All territories now are pretty much the same except that some have castles and some have mines, all have bandits and flowers and dungeons. Player don't really explore the world,most of the time they travel they're either leveling or buying something,because those are pretty much the only reasons for travelling. These yokai would bring more territory variety. What i'm saying is don't make them something ordinary, a player should be amazed(or scared) every time he sees one.

Now for the actual suggestions:
Gashadokuro - these could show up after war room battles, but as i already said, not always(then they wouldn't be rare). Maybe they would show up after a 50,000 or more troops die. And maybe as an indicator a day or two after the battle has ended restless ghosts appear for a couple of seconds and that way people could actually expect this yokai to show up,organise a party and such.

Buruburu - these guys wouldn't fight players but maybe weaken them. Instead of shivering player's focus bar can't fill up(only enough for stance change)so they don't have critical damage as long as the ghost is affecting them and possibly their attack is weakened as well. Now for getting rid of them player would have to find a temple where a priest would perform some kind of a ritual (for monies of course,hahah.Monk stronk,economically!). And temples could work like this and for some other yokai,too. As for their appearance, not like ghost is on your back all the time but he's invisible and may show itself from time to time.

Some kind of a thief yokai that could steal an item. These could exist for players to experience a bit of fear. I know that players would get angry for losing an item that cost them some money or they worked hard for so maybe put these yokai somewhere only those looking for trouble would find them(this would also make players cautious about searching for other yokai)

I just remembered some other things:
To make a certain yokai even rarer, you could only see it if your dan is high enough,because y'know rebirths,higher spiritual awareness and all that.
Not every yokai can be fought,some just grab you and eat you.Kappa can be an example: instead of some water feature just put a pond in a sector(not moving water or anything like that)just like a bush or a stone and if a player gets too close kappa could grab,pull and kill him.
And those that you can fight maybe you need a special tactic(only one part of body can be damaged,only one kind of elemental skill can hurt them) or they are vulnerable to some items,just like that rumor from the story about oni running from wheat or something. Btw some warding off charms you could have in your inventory that could protect you.
Scary music when you encounter a scary yokai.
Some Hell guardians and by the way instead of just locking people up to really punish them(and preventing them from trying to get in Hell on purpose) add an injured status for 24-48 hours.

And after all this text one more thing that's not only connectd to monsters,but i didn't want to create another thread for what i'll say now. We need more ways to die. Currently you can die in pvp zones and from traps. What we could use is: something falling on us(maybe a mine shaft collapsing),something just killing us without us fighting it(like that kappa i mentioned),maybe even forest fires,i don't know i just wanna die.

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08-15-2015, 10:42 AM
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RE: Yokai
Is Sun Wukong considered one? Well he sounds like a powerful event character, Goku was based off of him. It would be cool if some of them can be companions in the future. Raiju for example would make a great companion he helped Raijin why not help some samurai?!
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08-15-2015, 11:32 PM
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RE: Yokai

"Too large and powerful to be killed, gashadokuro maintain their existence until the energy and malice stored up in their bodies has completely burnt out. However, because of the large amount of dead bodies required to form a single one, these abominations are much rarer today than they were in the earlier days, when wars and famine were a part of everyday life."
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08-17-2015, 10:41 AM
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RE: Yokai
Information collected.

Don't hesitate to suggest more.

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