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Change log
03-27-2015, 03:45 PM (This post was last modified: 06-08-2015 07:02 PM by admin.)
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Change log
v0.709 update:
- if a clan has too many members compared to the other clans, it will temporarily stop accepting members (inactive players and all the relevant factors will be taken into account)
- added separate chat log for trading
- the clan will now be notified when a member starts building a structure in the war room
- for existing rings that have DEF stat modifiers, the effective DEF received will be 50% of the stat shown while the other 50% of the stat will be converted to Max HP. (Example: Ring with 80 DEF now gives 40 DEF and 40 Max HP)
- for existing armor and hats that have ATK stat modifiers, the effective ATK received will be 50% of the stat shown while the other 50% of the stat will be converted to Max HP. (Example: Hat with 80 ATK now gives 40 ATK and 40 Max HP)
- all weapons that are supposed to be unbreakable but were breakable due to a bug in stat transfer are now automatically unbreakable
- reduced game data file sizes for slightly faster downloads
- quest reset scroll is back at the peddler
- ring clams are now available in the ninja shop
- if an item cannot be soul-infused, a message will display on the stat transfer screen
- items that have a base level can only be soul-infused at level 80 and cannot be soul-reset
- fixed bug where war room icon is not clickable after using writ of release
- fixed bug where using soul reset scroll with soul-infused rings gives random stats.

v0.708 update:
- players now do not lose duel tokens if the request is declined and the AI is not fought
- pressing enter on war room messageboards will now "post to side" instead of "post to all"
- pressing enter now doesn't show the chat when it is not supposed to
- added confirm dialog for gold respawn
- named weapons now keep their names when you stat transfer into them
- added quest log full notification
- the 2 ninja shop outfits on display will now always be different
- stat points now increase stats by more
- items are now generated with more max hp
- hats and armor are no longer generated with atk stat
- clicking on the friendbar in battle now does not move the player
- fixed bug where clicking outside of game when airborne gets you stuck in the air
- fixed bug where traps are stuck when you get hit
- fixed bug where you can get a trade request when in duel screen or tournament screen
- fixed bug where active quests remain after deleting and creating a new character
- fixed bug where ring defense is not displayed
- fixed bug where building in the war room on the move that ranks you up doesn't give you clan equipment
- fixed bug where music turns quiet in the war room after sector attack

v0.705/0.706 update
- war room troops in a sector is now maxed at 50000
- item levels are now displayed
- changed peddler icon to a scroll to make it look more different from the bounty board
- added broken weapon notification icon and broken weapon notification dialog now appears less often
- leveling up now removes fatigue and injury
- when you stat transfer an item to a soul-infused item, the resultant item will remain soul-infused
- level 80 soul-infused items can be stat transferred to any design of the same type
- fixed bug where rankings does not show the 11th ranked player properly
- fixed bug where potatoes 5 and 6 are not being tracked
- fixed bugged level 1 soul-infused items
- fixed bug where element traps do not do damage

v0.704 update:
- added Soul Reset Scroll which can be gotten from the peddler. Soul Reset Scroll can be used with Soul-Infused items to reset them to their base level. This is mostly for players who rebirthed and want to keep wearing their outfit.
- possible fix for the issue where a black bar blocks the top of your screen preventing you from closing the inventory screen. PM the Facebook page if it is still happening to you.
- fixed issue where a full quest log prevents you from getting story quests

v0.703 update:
Now you can go adventuring with a friend!
- when there is another player in the same room, he will help you out in battle (limited to 1 and his stats will be capped to 75% of your stats, does not apply to one-on-one duels)
- added chat to the trade screen
- /ignore now blocks farts and sounds
- chat box now doesn't hide buff counter
- the "show" button in the friendbar can also be used to close the player profile
- fixed bug where chat is not showing in pvp room chat logs

v0.702 update:
- war room first-timers will only see flags on territories which have active hqs to make it less confusing for them
- war room prompt now tells you whether you can enter the territory to make it less confusing for first-timers
- /ignore ignores trade and duels request also
- fixed bug where /ally and /ignore is not displaying whole name if name is too long
- improved game loading
- p̶o̶t̶a̶t̶o̶e̶s̶ ̶c̶a̶n̶ ̶n̶o̶w̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶e̶q̶u̶i̶p̶p̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶h̶a̶t̶s̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶p̶e̶r̶m̶a̶n̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶b̶u̶f̶f̶s̶ Happy April Fools' Day!

v0.701 update:
- possible fix for black bars blocking inventory/skills screen issue (let us know if it is still happening)
- clan leaders can now appoint a second-in-command
- clan leaders and their second-in-command now have the power to unauthorize generals from building/demolishing HQs
- clicking on the clan emblem in the War Room will now display the clan leader and his second-in-command
- private messages now update in realtime when you are looking at them

v0.700 update:
- added proper trade screen that requires both parties to agree before items are exchanged. no trading with alts rule still applies.
- soul-infusion can now be stat-transferred
- boxed outfits are now all soul-infused
- added tutorial to teach players how to add stats
- players now cannot be attacked when searching or mining
- when your cursor gets out of the game area when drawing a line, your slash will now be executed instead of canceling your line
- tournaments that have >50% walkover will not be saved in the history
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06-08-2015, 07:02 PM (This post was last modified: 09-10-2015 03:19 PM by admin.)
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RE: Change log
v0.716 update:
- added icon to top right corner of screen to indicate if server is down and saving is not succeeding
- max duel tokens is now 40
- /ignore now ignores PMs but you can still read the ignored person's PMs if you "look" at him
- players on the clan rogue list now cannot initiate the building of structures
- items sold in merchant shop are now more random
- fixed bug where light and balanced stance damage did not increase when stance skill was increased
(level 1 to 10: light damage increases 0.5x to 0.9x, balanced damage increases from 1x to 1.2x)
- fixed bug where balanced and heavy stance slash length did not increase when stance skill was increased
(level 1 to 10: balanced slash length increases 1x to 1.2x, heavy slash length increases 0.5x to 0.9x)
- fixed bug where critical damage is not displaying correctly on stats screen
- fixed bug where your own barricades can reduce the number of troops you deploy in your own sector
- fixed bug where silver and titanium ore deposits show as diamond
- fixed bug that could cause coins to become negative after trade
- fixed bug where banned message is shown when server is down
- fixed bug where autoslash can cancel smokebomb

v0.715 update:
- war room attack stage is now bigger and your spawn location is based on the direction you are attacking from.
- for 5 seconds after entering a pvp room or war room attack or until the player's first slash, the player now cannot be hit by other players' slashes and certain skills. There will be a blinking indicator during this period.
- added ability to chat while in war room attack
- disabled hqs in the war room now cannot be attacked/deployed/moved to

stance vs stance bonuses are improved:
- light stance does more damage against heavy stance and will receive less damage from heavy stance.
- balanced stance does more damage against light stance and will receive less damage from light stance.
- heavy stance does more damage against balanced stance and will receive less damage from balanced stance.
- changing stance now deducts more from the critical bar
- critical bar increases slightly slower
- critical damage multiplier is increased
- headshot damage multiplier is decreased
- when you are launched and you use smokebomb, you now cannot be launched again until you touch the ground
- fixed bug where critical damage was being displayed wrongly on stat screen
- fixed bug where clone stabs do not do damage
- fixed bug where water stomp can be cancelled by autoslash
- fixed bug where some skills and stab dealt critical damage and reduced critical damage bar
- fixed bug where kunai deals damage when hitting weapon or scabbard
- Reminder: If you have more than 99 items in a stack, it will soon be reduced to 99 so make sure to use them while you can

v0.714 update:
- you can now attack sectors in the War Room together with your friends if you attack at the same time. If an enemy player attacks the sector at the same time, you will also fight him.
- added scroll down button for item display panel
- generals can now buy and use clan deed (testing)
- fixed bug where doing hut quests can make a village temporarily appear in empty territories

v0.713 update:
- added PVE framework where players can fight cooperatively against the same enemy (in PVE zones, players are automatically allied with each other)
- added training dummies to dojo for players to test their damage
- stat transfer now transfers the exact defense from the stat item
- /ignore now ignores duel and trade requests, joining and leaving channel messages
- war general will clear disabled hqs each week to prevent them from remaining too long
- maximum quantity of stackable items is now 99 (note that if you have more than 99 in a stack, it
will be reduced to 99 in the next update so make sure to use them while you can)
- weapon weight is now tied to weapon damage range and the amount depleted from the critical bar with each slash
- cannot trade when inventory is overweight
- potatoes cannot be used when muted
- red oni now do not spawn on top of direction signs
- fixed bug where your inventory gets inverted
- fixed bug where hitting an enemy with your sword while falling does not do damage in PVP rooms
- fixed bug where Duels TV automatically goes to Guest Mode

v0.712 update:
- in territories that are at war, control points are now PVP zones and have flags for capturing. The clan that controls these flags will get a 120% boost to troops deployed to that sector.
- changed distribution of ore types so that coal/iron is now more easily found
- all your quests are now marked on the minimap. Only the active quest will have a dotted-line path.
- items are now added to the top of inventory instead of the bottom
- hair under hat now follows the color of hair
- fixed bug the causes some war room hqs to not build
- fixed bug where mask and hat does not show the correct color in pvp room

v0.711 update:
- Straw Hat Samurai: Duels has been translated to Español!
- added /leavetown command (use it in towns as a shortcut to exit towns)
- PVP Room 3 has been converted to private training halls. Players will need to create/know the room names before they can enter the room.
- when you display an item in chat, it will automatically go to trade channel (please keep trade related discussions in the trade channel)
- territory influence is now reset after the territory is captured in the war room
- existing ring defense stat and armor/hat attack stat is now converted fully to maxhp
- town quests and recent events board are now fully localized
- fixed bug where scroll down button is not shown for equipped item descriptions
- fixed bug where changing language will leave some text in the previous language

v0.710 update:
- Introducing Special Clan Armors in the Ninja Shop! These Clan Armors will be available to you in the colors of your clan. (Grey if you are a ronin)
- generals can now demolish structures in the war room
- enemy players in the war room now appear in chronological order (first in, first to attack) instead of alphabetical order
- building extra hqs in the war room now use 200 crops instead of 100 crops
- tournaments should now be working again
- tournament walkovers now take into account level, dan and stance mastery to calculate winning probability (a lower level player can still win but at a lower probability)
- tournament messages are now localized
- improved time sync for private messages
- items with base level now cannot be soul-infused
- fixed bug where player clan hats and masks were not showing the right colors
- fixed bug where "use 1 gold to respawn" prompt appears even though respawn is free for beginner players
- fixed bug where hp and chi regen is not shown correctly in stat screen
- fixed bug where coop friend remains stuck after he dies
- fixed bug where messages in trade chat may have duplicates
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